Comic-Con 08: Part 1

comic-con 31

Some storm troopers wouldn't let me pass, I had to use my Jedi mind control on them. ^^

Well, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts I was attending this year's Comic-Con for two days, held at the San Diego convention center.

It was quite fun, a ton of booths with all kinds of different subject matter, from video games, to comics (of course), to anime/manga, gothic clothing, figures, statues, the PC magazine "Maximum PC" even had their own booth, they always give out a TON of free things. There were WAY too many people though, every single day was sold out and they estimate that they served about 200,00 unique people over the course of the 4 and 1/2 days. x.x

Anyway, without further ado, here is my coverage from Comic-Con. Another post with my loot to come soon (I.E. once I take all the pictures). xD

Here are some of the original Japanese Bleach manga panels drawn by Tite Kubo. He was also doing an autograph signing there, but that was impossible to get into, only 200 autographs signed over the 4 days. =/

comic-con 1

comic-con 2

comic-con 3

comic-con 4

comic-con 5

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comic-con 7

Some manga and posters of the latest from Yen Press at the Square Enix booth. Sorry about the out of focus and shaky pictures, I'm still quite an amateur when it comes to photography, getting better though. :p

comic-con 8

comic-con 9

comic-con 10

comic-con 11

comic-con 12

comic-con 13

comic-con 14

comic-con 15

comic-con 16

comic-con 17

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comic-con 19

comic-con 20

And now some figures from the Kotobukiya booth, once again sorry about the shaky and out of focus pictures.

comic-con 21

comic-con 22

comic-con 23

comic-con 24

A huge Hulk. xD

comic-con 25

Some cosplay pics now, the first is out of focus but the rest aren't too bad.

comic-con 26

comic-con 27

comic-con 28

comic-con 29

comic-con 30

This one was very cool, it was taken at the Broccoli Books panel, they brought in the author of Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル): Hiro Mashima and after answering some questions and talking about his manga he drew this up for everyone to see. He was very quick, he did it in about 2 minutes time, quite amazing. I have a video of him actually drawing it but the video is quite horrible quality, I'll upload it somewhere anyway if someone wants it. Let me know. :p

comic-con 32

Here are a couple of pictures from outside, they had the terracotta statues from the third Mummy movie set up outside: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, very cool.
comic-con 33

comic-con 34

And to finish up here, some pictures of the bridge leading to Coronado island where there is a US naval air station along with some pictures of the boats parked right behind the convention center. These were taken from the top level of the convention center.
comic-con 35

comic-con 36

comic-con 37

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Goth Punk Mikuru by Griffon

This has to be the best figure I've ever seen, Goth Punk Mikuru, made by a figure company called Griffon. Mikuru is going to cost 8,925 yen and is set to release in october.

She's 1/7th scale, PVC. So, considering that, the price isn't too awful, but for me it's completely worth it. I already pre-ordered mine. :p

You can pre-order through my affiliate Play Asia.

Source and images from AmiAmi via

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Comic-Con 08

As I mentioned before, I will be attending Comic-Con for 2 days this year, I'll cover it in a post or two afterwards. Is anyone else going to Comic-Con? If so then drop me a line, maybe we can meet up. :p

For those of you that don't know what Comic-Con is I will explain a bit; the central subject of the convention is art, in (almost) any form. You can find a whole lot of American comics and animation there, along with Japanese manga and anime. There are also some games and a good amount of figures/statues there. It's held July 24-27 with a preview night Wednesday, at the San Diego convention center which happens to be a VERY large convention center.

Some "guides" to Comic-Con can be found at Anime News Network, here, and here.

I should be bringing back some mang, figures and maybe some anime, pictures of those will be in my coverage posts. ^^

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Tokyo Stormtrooper (Danny Choo) - Rick Trooper

Japan blogger Danny Choo, also known from time to time as the "Tokyo Stormtrooper", has recently finished the filming of "Rick Trooper".

His latest stormtrooper dance video rickrolls us all. Filmed by Hector Garcia of

I really love Danny's stormtrooper videos, excellent fun. :p

Source of picture and info is here at Danny's blog.

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iPhone production costs are estimated

A research firm called iSuppli has dissected an iPhone 3G and estimated it's production cost to be $174.33 per phone.

The cost to produce the iPhone 3G has been revealed to be $52 less than than the production cost of the previous iPhone, as such it has been estimated that Apple has about a 55% profit margin on iPhones sold through AT&T before accounting for marketing and software. While I've heard a few complaints from people about this kind of profit margin, I don't see any problem with it. Apple has created a device that is quite advanced in the US market, many people love the phone, and Apple have most definitely put a lot of work into designing it. I think they deserve that kind of profit.

Source for this is at, original source at

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