Update and Anime Girls

I'm very sorry that I haven't kept up with updates, English and History classes have been taking all of my time up, so things have been pretty hectic. I will definitely update when I have the time, and once classes end for this semester I'll be back to update daily hopefully.

In the mean time, here are a some sexy and cute anime girls. ^^

Ringo and Konata pics are from The Anime Gallery, really not sure about the rest.

And last, but not least by a long shot:


gordon said...

konata is cute i can give u that. ^^; in fact i'm currently rewatching lucky star (DVD rip). the english dub sounds kinda weird. good thing it comes with dual sound i japanese and subtitles.

wickedclown said...

Ah, yeah I can never get used to English dubs. And Konata is the cutest. xD

Kairu Ishimaru said...

how pics. :D

Kairu Ishimaru said...

I wtf'd

Anonymous said...

nice pics, here's one back for you of Nozomi-chan.

wickedclown said...

Kairu, sorry for the late reply, and don't know what you mean. O.o

Anon, thank you! :o Nozomi-chan is definitely my favorite idol, she's absolutely gorgeous.

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