Opening of Good Smile English site

As you may or may not have heard by now, Good Smile Company has opened an English version of their website. The website is being run on Danny Choo's web platform, Mirai Gaia. Danny was, of course, the first to announce this great achievement. In his post, he also made mention of the fact that he is now part of Good Smile's "International Strategy team", they are aiming to make figures more easily available to people all over the globe. Very good news for all of us not in Japan right now.

With such great a great achievement and, I'm quite sure, many more to come, I do believe we have much to look forward to in the otaku community.


gordon said...

hope it comes with shopping feature soon. ^^;

wickedclown said...

Yep, I hope so too. :p

Len-Vesper said...

makes me wish I knew more Japanese to be honest, I would have loved being a part of that project even if it was a bit-part.

It's good to see Japanese offices like Goodsmile opening up to foreign markets. Hopefully it will show Japan that if they mercantilize their platforms that we will buy the hell out of their products.

wickedclown said...

Len, same here. I need to put more effort into studying Japanese.

From the sound of it, Danny and Good Smile are working to provide what I think is going to be an excellent platform for the general otaku world to gain popularity in foreign markets, through figures, of course.

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