Danny, Haruka and Mirai Nendoroids

Amazing artist and dannychoo.com member chun finished doodling and coloring her "Nendoroid" versions of Danny Choo, Haruka Suenaga and Mirai Suenaga. Haruka and Mirai are Danny's mascots over at his blog, dannychoo.com.

I sure hope GoodSmile Company decided to make nendoroid figures of these, I would definitely buy them. xD

Once this site gets bigger I think I'm going to commission chun to make me a mascot. ^^

Dannychoo.com news item post here.


gordon said...

do note that chun charges 1 million dollars for each art work. i have to sell my kidney to pay her. lol. ^^;

wickedclown said...

gordon, lmao. I see, I better start saving up then eh? xD

Katie said...

you should try to draw your own^^

Saku said...

Oh wow. I am thinking of asking chun too. I better start saving up XD

wickedclown said...

Katie: Haha! Noo, I don't think so. xD I'm not an artist, I have a very basic handle on art, but I would never be able to do something that I would deem good enough to put up on my site. I have a certain standard. xD

Saku: I guess so. lol Chun is quite good.

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