Comic-Con 08

As I mentioned before, I will be attending Comic-Con for 2 days this year, I'll cover it in a post or two afterwards. Is anyone else going to Comic-Con? If so then drop me a line, maybe we can meet up. :p

For those of you that don't know what Comic-Con is I will explain a bit; the central subject of the convention is art, in (almost) any form. You can find a whole lot of American comics and animation there, along with Japanese manga and anime. There are also some games and a good amount of figures/statues there. It's held July 24-27 with a preview night Wednesday, at the San Diego convention center which happens to be a VERY large convention center.

Some "guides" to Comic-Con can be found at Anime News Network, here, and here.

I should be bringing back some mang, figures and maybe some anime, pictures of those will be in my coverage posts. ^^


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