Goth Punk Mikuru by Griffon

This has to be the best figure I've ever seen, Goth Punk Mikuru, made by a figure company called Griffon. Mikuru is going to cost 8,925 yen and is set to release in october.

She's 1/7th scale, PVC. So, considering that, the price isn't too awful, but for me it's completely worth it. I already pre-ordered mine. :p

You can pre-order through my affiliate Play Asia.

Source and images from AmiAmi via


sonic_ver2 said...

The fact that she will be released in October and her price is over JPY 8000 made me feel that i have to leave this one untouched.

Hayate will also be released in October, and she ate all my budget for October.

Optic said...

I have never really been a fan on gothic so it's an easy no from me.

wickedclown said...

@optic: Ah, well. :p To everyone their own.

@sonic_ver2: I see, well I understand where your coming from, I just love the figure so much that I think I would pay any price to have it.

yukionna said...

LOL, I just made a post about Goth Mikuru and it's the first one I see on yours. Great minds think alike or I think like you since yours was posted before mine. You have more pics than me too. How did you get such great ones? Mine are all grainy :(

Can we exchange links? i would love to add you to my blogroll.

wickedclown said...

@yukionna: Sure thing, I'll try and email you or post to your blog, I'll add you to my blogroll. The credit for the pictures and the info is in my post, found it via and both him and I got the pictures from AmiAmi.

yukionna said...

Thanks for the add :} You're on my list too :>

If you just want to have your own domain for blogging then you can buy one from Blogger for $10 I think. I use Startlogic for my hosting needs. It costed me $70for the year. Unfortunately they don't host my blog so I had to pay another $10 to wordpress host my domain for my blog. That's okay though since I'll be opening my own online anime store soon through Startlogic so it'll balance out.

wickedclown said...

yukionna, cool, thanks :p.

I see, well I really should go that route, but I don't have the money to do that at the moment, that's why I'm monetizing with ads, hopefully I'll get enough traffic to pay for hosting sometime soon.

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