"Daruma otoshi" high-rise demolition method

A Japanese construction company called Kaijima Corporation is in the process of demolishing two high-rise buildings in Tokyo:

They are using an innovative, original method of demolition, called "Daruma otoshi". This new method of theirs is inspired by the traditional Japanese game of the same name:

Personally I find this quite interesting, this method involves a lot less mess and general disturbance to neighboring buildings, but on the other hand it requires more time, physical labor, and most likely more money than other methods in the long run. I would much prefer it if this method were adopted everywhere in the world, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Unfortunately though, this method was most likely only used because they didn't have any way to access the top levels of the building with a large crane and the building was probably too close to any other buildings to blow it up, this is an assumption of course, but it's highly likely that it's the case.

Original source at PinkTentacle, discovered through Kirainet


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