Opening blog post & Anime Expo coverage

Hello all! ^^ Welcome to my blog, this will be my first post and I thought I would get right into it with some pictures from Anime Expo and pics of my haul.

A very nice C.C. Cosplay here. ^^

Anime Expo 08

Unfortunately I didn't take too many pictures while I was there (I will definitely take more when I go to Comic-con later this month), but I do have some pics of my haul. The camera I'm using right now is older and really can't take good pics but I tried my best. xD I'm planning on getting a DSLR later.

P.S. The current blog design is temporary, I'm working on the header and the design might change a little when I put it in place.

A nice Trinity Blood cosplay.

Anime Expo 08

Tifa and ... I don't know who else. Anyone know? xD

Anime Expo 08

Laughing Man. :p

Anime Expo 08

An interesting Team Fortress cosplay.

Anime Expo 08

Here is some of my haul, I couldn't take a pic of it all so I took some individual pics. More pics to come of the figures, I'm planning on doing reviews of them all.

Anime Expo 08

This is a pre-stuffed Haruhi dakimakura. It's not made of the best material or anything and it's not full sized, but it was only $30, it looks good, and the material won't stain or get dirty as easy as some of the nicer ones. I figured I should go ahead and get it. ^^

Anime Expo 08

Misa Misa wall scroll, from Death Note.

Anime Expo 08

Some of the Negima! girls.

Anime Expo 08

xxxHolic wall scroll, although I do love it, my sister picked this one out. She's an otaku like me; I go to cons with her and my mom.

Anime Expo 08

Hazuki-chan from Tsukuyomi Moonphase.

Anime Expo 08

Tsubasa wall scroll, this one wasn't my choice. *_*"

Anime Expo 08

The Haruhi wall scroll that I posted about on Haruhi seems to be having quite a bit of fun. ^^

Anime Expo 08

Another nice Haruhi wall scroll. With, not only Mikuru, but also Yuki. ;D

Anime Expo 08


persocomsan said...

grats on the blog, nice cosplay pix and nice haul you brought home! I've seen that Haruhi dakimakura online at a shop and thought about getting it, the case comes off right?

Otaku Dan said...

nice loot you have there from AX, would you like the exchange blog links. just leave a comment on my blog if you would like to

Darkdam said...

the person next to Tifa is trying to cosplay as Red XIII

sonic_ver2 said...

Hi and welcome to blogging. I found your blog from Danny Choo everybody's news item.

Anyway, mind to exchange link? I've added link to your blog in my blogroll.

wickedclown said...

Heya, thanks for the gratz messages.

@sonic_ver2: Thanks, and sure thing, I'll add you to my blogroll now.

@darkdam: Ah, cool, thanks for letting me know. :p

@otaku dan: Thanks, and cool, I'll leave a comment there now.

@persocomsan: Ty, and nope, the case doesn't come off of the pillow, unfortunately. =/ That's probably why it's only $30, but I still like it and it's something thats not such a huge loss if you decide to... *use* it, and it gets ruined for whatever reason. xD

Anyway, coverage of Comic-con is coming later this month, I'll be going to that for 2-3 days.

SuxoR said...

Hey where is a good place to buy wall scrolls like this?

Nice blog too^^

Lonewolfpr08 said...

haha nice the cosplay for the dude (i forgot the name of the hacker) From Ghost in the shell

Anonymous said...

nice blog +_+

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