2008 Summer Olympics

Sorry about this not being an anime related post, but it is related to current news and asia, so I hope no one minds.

I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics earlier, absolutely incredible. China went all out on this one, amazing technology and choreography was put into making a beautiful and very memorable opening ceremony.

The man in the picture above is Li Ming. He had the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron. They hoisted him into the air once his torch was lit and he mimed running around the screen that spanned the entire circumference of the stadium, ending at the cauldron, which they put in place while the opening ceremony was taking place. Below is a video of him doing his "running man" around the stadium, don't know how long it'll be up though, youtube might take it down due to copyrights and such.

Source of picture here.


Katie said...

I also thought that the Olympics were amazing. Lots of positive and forward looking imagery from the Chinese.

Shadow~Keeper said...

ahhh, well we will have to enjoy the video as long as we can then. This was an amazing performance. Im actually surprised they pulled it off.

wickedclown said...

katie: Yes, I was actually kind of surprised when I saw the opening ceremony, but now that I think about it, I shouldn't have been. China does know how to put on a good show, very well organized, and even though they have their problems involving pollution, the government, etc. I think they (for the most part) really do want to better the country.

shadow: Yep, those copyright battles that youtube has are annoying but that's how it goes.

BZou said...

Dude I loved the opening of the Olympics this year. It was spectacular. I loved the big 500ft OLED they had and everything, the performances that were highly coordinated.

I kinda feel bad for the next country (ENGLAND) that hosts, They are going to have to at least put up a fight or they might look bad.

tita said...

The opening ceremonies were Great, I suspect they will do Fantastic in their competitions. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

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