S4 League

I recently found and started playing this game called S4 League. WOW, what an awesome game.

Created by Korean game company Pentavision (Sorry if that link doesn't work, it's supposed to be their homepage but I can't get it to load.), and translated/distributed by international game distributor Ala Playa, the game has anime inspired graphics, awesome fast paced third-person shooter action, amazing physics (not completely realistic but very well executed exaggerated physics), and excellent costume and character designs.

Here are some screen shots of my character and the gameplay.

You play either Death Match or Touch Down (where there is a ball and each team competes to get the ball to the opposing team's goal, very fast paced).

You earn "PEN", the in game currency, for playing games, with which you can purchase new weapons, skills, and costumes.

The game is still in beta so it's somewhat glitchy, bad server connections at times and slow/laggy servers. But overall it's VERY worth it to play, it's a ton of fun.

Originally found via dannychoo.com news items, posted by member: seth.frostheart.

By the way, I'm starting my new college semester tomorrow, Monday. It's already hectic, time wise, and I haven't even start, so I really don't know how much time I'm going to have. I will most definitely try to keep this blog updated, but we'll see what I can manage.


Katie said...

Cool game! I might check it out sometime. However, my school starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and I think I am going to be really busy.

Zikoro said...

I've actually just found the game a day after you did and I'm a little hooked on it myself. I'm a college student too and I won't have that much time to play but if you ever find a character named Zikoro, give me a holla, I would love to play with or against you!

wickedclown said...

Katie: You should check it out when you do have the time, lots of fun!

Zikoro: It is addictive, isn't it? xD I know how you feel with the time, just found out how much work I have to do yesterday. x.x

Anyway, sure thing, I'll keep an eye out for you. My character's name is Naiyuki.

Anonymous said...

"Created by Korean game company Ala Playa*..."

* Actually, its made by 'Pentavision'; the makers of the DJ MAX Series as well as another MMOPRG I fail to remember.

S4 League, like its predecessors from Pentavision, were meant only for Koreans and were sold months later internationally. Thank Ala Playa managed to pick this awaited game up (as no other international gaming company seems to have picked it up)!

Can't wait for the Beta finish and the official version to begin!

wickedclown said...

Anon: Ahh, I see. Thank you for correcting me! It's a bit late at the moment, so I will fix the post tomorrow. xD

I feel the same about the beta, I also hope they can fix the problems that it regularly has with lag. I'm guessing the problems originate in the game's code, but I think it could also have to do with the servers that games are hosted on.

mercy said...

yeah, that game is awesome^^

Anonymous said...

Yes the lag is horrible. Also for some reason people won't die when thier health reaches 0. Not sure if that is the lag problem or something else.

my name in game is animetion25 so if you ever see me :P let's play.

Anonymous said...

cool game...
love it

Anonymous said...

hey wats up im not in college im in 9th grade but i have a lot of down time and i play regularly and personally i think the game is the best t/fps game for the computer and can't wait till campaign comes out
name kisumitaki

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