Antec gets moe character


The PC parts manufacturer Antec now has it's own moe character.

The character, named Antecco, is said to have been originally developed by a Link International employee for an international paper but gained popularity inside of the company until someone suggested the use of this cutie as an official Antec trademark character, Antec happily accepted and the character is now going to be used (at least) for the Japanese face of Antec.

"Acording to staff the girl is 14 years old enjoys surfing and eating california roll."

I think it's quite awesome that Antec has it's own character now. I've always known Antec to be an excellent company, they have amazing cases and overall just great quality products. For the past 3 years they have shared a booth with Maximum PC and other PC related companies at Comic-Con and every year they always give out a TON of free Antec products. From case fans, to lights, and even cases themselves, they give out and raffle off a whole lot of things at Comic-Con, quite an excellent move for a company in my opinion, keeps current customers happy and shows them that you care as a company and brings new customers in.

News and picture via Akiba Today.


Katie said...

I love your blog! Would you like to exchange blog links?

wickedclown said...

Sure thing, katie! I'm adding you right now. Also, do you have a myspace or anything of the sort? I noticed your blog post about going to Lancaster which leads me to think you're in or near California, as am I. I always love to make friends with fellow otaku, there seems to be so few of us in the US.

Katie said...

Actually, I live in North Carolina XD The Lancaster I visited was actually in Pennsylvania. I probably should have mentioned what state I visited in my post. I do not have myspace, but I do have email. You can find my email address on my profile page. Likewise, I am glad to have made an otaku friend:)

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