Site design work

This is an edit to my earlier post. The site redesign is done, I added a second widget bar on the left hand side and fixed the layout.

I feel like I really achieved something, because I can't say I know CSS, but I still managed it. xD To be honest though, just doing that gave me a much better understanding of CSS, I will be working on the site continually and once I get enough income from ads and affiliates I'll get a domain name and host the site on my own, that way I have complete control over what the site is like.

And this is a uber moe~ pic of Kona-chan!


gordon said...

nice work. it fits my widescreen nicely. ^^

i admire people who can design websites. CSS, PHP, HTML, JAVA, Flash etc. me is n00b. :-(

Saku said...

Nice design and works on both my widescreen and normal one.

Hope you don't mind if I added to my blogroll/comrades list ^^

wickedclown said...

gordon, thank you. Glad to hear that you like it. ;) I actually don't know a whole lot of web programming, I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. xD But I think I understand enough to make progress... with a lot of googling involved. LOL

saku, thanks. :p Thank god, I was worried it wouldn't work on a normal monitor. I designed it on mine which is widescreen and the entire design floats, but I was worried about the margins and such. Also, I don't mind at all, I'll go ahead and add you to mine also.

Persocom-san said...

Looking good so far, that feedjit thing is pretty cool too, I gotta fix mine though something's up with it.

Otaku Dan said...

i have been messing around with my site for sometime trying to change it. i like the second column you added

wickedclown said...

Thanks guys, it's nice to have feedback about the design, tells me I did it right. xD

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