Comic-Con 08: part 2

Comic-Con loot 1 - all of it

I'll begin with a (somewhat quick) description of all the loot in the first picture:

The things we paid for: a ton of manga, the wallscrolls, the figures, the art books (Tony Taka, lucky star, and Arina Tanemura; sorry, didn't take closer pictures of these, let me know if anyone wants some.), different versions of the Mokona plushies for my sister, Pocky and Black Black, Gundam Seed "Complete Best" cd, Shojo Beat, and the Love Hina Christmas special dvd.

And now the free stuff: about 6 or 7 sampler manga, all the Bleach things (including the game), the Square Enix fan that has the words "I'm a fan." printed on it xD, and other little trinkets, including some very cool pliers from some booth selling a lot of Revoltechs, even though I don't have any Revoltechs just yet the pliers work very well with Figma parts, quite useful when you're trying to be gentle pulling out joints and such.

Sorry about taking so long to make this post, I got kind of busy yesterday and had a hard time finding the time to finish taking the pictures. Finally got them though. Also, I found a program called IrfanView to do batch resizing and renaming of pictures, very helpful.

Now, here is a closer look at the rest of the loot. I didn't take individual pictures of everything, so if someone wants to know about something in particular, let me know. ^^

Here is a close up of the manga, we mostly got volumes to finish off series that we had already started.

Comic-Con loot 2 - manga

My first two figmas: Haruhi.

Comic-Con loot 3 - haruhi figma

And Yuki. Finally got them!

Comic-Con loot 4 - yuki figma

Woo, Nendoroids, they're so cute. xD Haruhi.

Comic-Con loot 5 - haruhi nendoroid


Comic-Con loot 6 - Yuki nendoroid

And L. This one is mostly my sister's. I think it's a cool figure and all, but no where near as cute as Haruhi, Yuki, or Misa Misa, to me.

Comic-Con loot 7 - L nendoroid

I gave in to the fan-boy side of me and bought 2 shirts (got a third for free) from the J-List booth. xD I also got to meet Peter Payne, he runs J-List and the J-List side blog.


Comic-Con loot 8 - miku tshirt

Haruhi, this one supposedly says "I would die for Haruhi". Still learning Japanese, so I can't read many things. I went through a bit of trouble (because it was fun xD) and romanized what's on the shirt: "Haruhi no tame nara shineru". Shi is a kanji so I had to do some googling, as I know no kanji at all.

Comic-Con loot 9 - haruhi tshirt

This is the shirt I got for free, I think it says "looking around, looking around", romaji is "kiyoro kiyoro", I do believe.

Comic-Con loot 10 - tshirt

Ikkitousen poster I bought. Who else likes Ikkitousen? I always hear both, negative and positive comments about it. Most negative comments are in regards to all the fan service, I never found anything wrong with fan service, as human beings we all have our carnal desires, there is nothing "wrong" or "dirty" about it in my mind, and fan service is, well, a service to that. xD

Comic-Con loot 11 - ikkitousen poster

A cool Haruhi poster I happened upon, just saw it when I was walking by a booth and bought it.

Comic-Con loot 12 - haruhi poster

Another one that's mostly for my sister, the guys from Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic, both are CLAMP series.

Comic-Con loot 13 - clamp poster

These next two are actually scans of freebie posters we got, I couldn't manage good pictures of them and they were small enough to scan. I had to scan both the top and bottom, then photoshop them together since they were too long for the scanner.


Comic-Con loot 14 - free hauhi poster

Soul Eater

Comic-Con loot 15 - free soul eater poster

Freebie Afro Samurai poster.

Comic-Con loot 16 - afro samurai

Code Geass wallscroll.

Comic-Con loot 17 - code geass wallscroll

xxxHolic wallscroll.

Comic-Con loot 18 - holic wallscroll

And now, the freebie bags. You can't walk away from Comic-Con without getting at least one or two HUGE bags. First up is the Astro Boy bag, I had to have this one so I ended up standing in line for it.

Comic-Con loot 19 - free bag

Bag for the comic book series Watchmen, now being turned into a live action movie. Does anyone read American comics? Personally I only read Japanese manga, something about American comics just doesn't appeal to me.

Comic-Con loot 20 - free bag

Bag from the Viz Media booth. Viz is the American distributor of series like Bleach and Death Note.

Comic-Con loot 21 - free bag


Persocom-san said...

That's some awesome loot, lots of stuff I'd have picked up too. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple teaser pix of the Lucky Star art book. Gawd this really makes me miss being in San Diego, maybe I'll plan a trip out there next year just to get to Cimic-Con.

Otaku Dan said...

holy crap. thats a big loot of stuff you got yourself right there

wickedclown said...

@ dan & pers: Ty both. :p And sure, I should be able to take a few teaser pics.

Optic said...

Nice loot. I knew u had fun.
I like ur t-shirts. They are funny and kool. ^^

BZou said...

Wow, you have an amazingly large amount of awesome loot there man.


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