Hard decision

Danny asks an impossibly hard decision of us:

"You are in Akihabara at Asobit Game when all of a sudden there is a tsunami warning. You have 5 seconds to choose a DVD which will act as a float to keep you alive."

Which would you pick? I think I would take the Moe-chan (3D girl) dvd. ^^ Though the 2D girls are also very nice, from the eroge Elf Hime. Both of those links have NSFW content.

Picture taken by Danny, links and post taken from original post, located here.


gordon said...

life is full of tough decisions. and this is one of them.

as much as i like 2D girls, i prefer 3D girls more. so it's moe-chan for me. ^^

Persocom-san said...

I didn't answer it simply because I can't fathom actually being able to survive a tsunami by using a dvd as a floating device XD

wickedclown said...

Haha, good choice, gordon. :p

Pers, of course you couldn't but the cover should be good for something, give that you only have a few minutes left to live. xD

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