My new Nendoroid and Figma!

Just got these two from Hobby Search, will take more pictures and do full reviews later. Nendoroid Mikuru and Konata Figma, I just HAD to get them both when I saw them at Hobby Seach... I should probably stop browsing that site when I know I should be saving my money. xD

I know I said the same about other figures I got, but I'm having some trouble getting any kind of good pictures out of this camera I'm using. I'm probably going to use my dad's old 35mm SLR and get the pictures on CD, at least till I get my own DSLR.


BZou said...

Nice stuff, Lov ethe Miku one. Do you tend to keep your figures in their original packaging or do you take them out for display?

wickedclown said...

Thanks BZou. I always take the stuff out and display them. Just haven't gotten around to taking their photoshoots. I think of figures (as nice as they are) as things that won't last me forever, and I wouldn't be able to appreciate them how they were meant to be unless I display them. At the moment they are all around my sister's and my monitors, and general desk areas. I'm planning on buying shelves like Danny has and displaying them that way eventually.

gordon said...

i hope my konata arrive soon.

blueplains said...

Hey nice haul there Wicked:) Love the Mikuru Nend=3 and hey don't worry,I'm sure you will get an awesome camera and take brilliant pictures soon,it also becomes addicting too :p
I have no shelf ether sadly:( but I do have a closet with the top shelf thingy so my figures are fine for now^^ Hope you get a shelf to display your figure soon too^^

Oh yeah, this is the first time we met so
Hi the names Roy^^ Glad to meet you Wicked
Can I add you to me BlogRoll? :D

Otaku Dan said...

mikuru is cute as a nendoroid and part of me does not like the figma version konata but i'm starting to fall for her.

wickedclown said...

gordon: I hope so too, I really love her. :p

bluplains: Thanks!

That sounds good, I have a closet like that but if I put them in there I rarely be able to see them, so defeats the purpose for me. xD

Also, nice to meet you too, Roy. My name is Sean, and sure thing, I'll add you to my blogroll also. ^^

Dan: Yeah, I love Mikuru. I can see why you wouldn't like the figma Konata, but despite its flaws I love it.

Kozta-Boom said...

Thanks to you, you remind me that I should pre-order Konata figma. I completely forgot about it. ^^"

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