Suzukaze Air Conditioned Seat Cushion

A Japanese company called Kuchofuku has released their latest in a line of personal air conditioned products, the "Suzukaze air conditioned seat cushion".

This Suzukaze seat cushion is designed to help dissipate the heat and moisture that can accumulate when sitting in front of your computer for long periods of time, especially during the summer... or maybe even those times when you need to take care of your "health", if you're familiar with the term from :p It works in such a way that the fan in the front will channel a constant stream of air through and out the other end of the specially designed plastic mat inside the cushion, which works as a channel to collect and dissipate the heat and moisture coming off of your behind. ^^ I can see this being needed in Japan, from what I hear, Japanese summers can be VERY hot.

Personally I'm thinking of getting one of these, and maybe even the bed cushion. It seems like a much better and more efficient way of cooling yourself, rather than having to turn on central AC, which costs a TON. Not to mention, no one in my household is comfortable with one single temperature, I tend to be the hottest among us. (In more ways than one ^^) I kid, I kid. xD

There is a standard, a high grade and a car seat version of this cushion, from what I can see the only difference between the high grade and the standard is a on/off switch in the seat itself, so it will activate only when you actually sit on it, and (maybe) higher grade materials/construction? The car model is supposed to have a car power adapter for cigarette lighter outlets.


Video of it in action. It's also supposed to be very economical, supposedly: "Even if the cushion is used every day for 8 hours a day, the monthly electricity fee is less than 5 yen, or 5 cents."

I mentioned that this seat cushion is part of a line of products, Kuchofuku also has an air conditioned bed cushion, and shirt. Personally I think the shirt is taking it a bit too far, but maybe some people really need it. ;p

This is the bed, also supposed to be very economical. Works in the same way as the seat cushion, it's just a lot more expensive.

And the shirt. I'm not too sure about this, but I think it's basically just a USB fan sewn into the shirt, attached to a battery pack... seems like a slight rip off for $169.00. I definitely wouldn't buy this one.

Source for the seat cushion info is here, and source for the bed and shirt info is here.

Just want to clarify this in case this post sounded more like an advertisement than a simple blog post, I'm not advertising these things in any way, I'm not making money off of this in any way (I wish I were xD). I'm simply bringing news about a product that I happened upon and I think is quite nice, to you all. I

f anyone is interested in buying any of those air conditioned products (like I am), here are links to an English site where they sell them. Seat Cushion, Bed Cushion, Shirt.


Otaku Dan said...

that is pretty nice for those people that tend to sweat a lot

Kozta-Boom said...

Awesome!! from now on, I don't have to stand off the chair. ^^"

wickedclown said...

Dan: Yep, and it can help save power by making cooling more localized.

Kozta: Haha, it is a bit expensive though. Thats the only thing holding me back from buying it at the moment.

Anonymous said...

You missed the outdoor work clothes from kuchofuku

wickedclown said...

Anon, ah, that I did, thanks for pointing it out.

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