Fullmetal Alchemist - New TV Series

Awesome news: Fullmetal Alchemist is getting another TV series!

All that's known so far is that it has been confirmed. More detail is available over at Anime News Network, info found via dannychoo.com member news items, posted by member marl0.


gordon said...

lets hope it follows the manga this time. a roboot with no connections to the previous anime.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it'll tie the anime better together then it did last time. Sticking just to the manga would be even better, because it's just that much more satisfying.

wickedclown said...

gordon & Anon: I wouldn't know if they did, I haven't had a chance to read the manga yet. But from the perspective of someone who hasn't read it, I loved the first anime, it was all an anime needed to be, entertaining and it had a very good story line. The movie wasn't as good in my opinion, but it still made sense.

Saku said...

I love the first series. As you said, it has everything an anime needed to be. It's hard to find an anime with a story line as good as Full Metal Alchemist.

The movie was alright and somewhat pushing it. I prefer to let the series end without the movie ^^

wickedclown said...

Saku, exactly what I think. ^^ Can't wait to see what they do with the second anime series though. I wonder if they are going to make it like a *second season* or like a remake, or maybe more similar to a different telling of the story.

Anonymous said...

You haven't read the manga? Dear Lord. It's way better. I love the anime too (I do I do) - but the manga - is - brilliant. I'm serious. I guess maybe because Hiromu Arakawa ‎is in charge of it - instead of letting someone else handle it - she at least wrote the whole thing.
You should try reading it at onemanga.com :)

But - Yay! :D
New series! So worried and excited.
I hope they follow the manga. Olivia Milla Armstrong would be fun in that anime *grin*

I personally hope they follow the manga - word for - um picture for picture.
It would be distressing if its one of those '20 years later' with the Ed's child or something... *shudder*... Albus Severus Potter anyone?

I don't know if I can stand a Maes Hughes Rockbell Elric. Eeek.

*frantic fingers crossed*

- Anna

wickedclown said...

Anna, yes, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to read it yet, I am planning on doing so when I find the time though. Also, true, I wouldn't like to follow the story of Ed's kid, it was bad enough that the movie ended up being set in the future.

Anonymous said...

Awh ! I can't wait to see that... I really hope they will base it on the manga (not like the first one... which they started only after the 5th chapter of the manga...) And that the characters are going to be cooler (let's say that Alphonse sucked in the anime when he totally rocks in the manga... or Scar... come on what was that ?)
Animated Ling ? Omg... Just imagining it just crack me up XD Or even better: Animated General Armstrong :o That would be my death from coolness XD

I say the same thing as Anna: READ - THE - MANGA... NOW !!! If you liked the anime, you will totally love the manga ! it's like three hundred percent better...
And as she also said: let's hope their will be no "Maes Hughes Rockbell Elric"... lol ?... Well, at least I know that if there is any of this crap, it won't come from Aikawa XD


wickedclown said...

Polly: Haha, I will most definitely read the manga. Just have to find the time! lol.

Anonymous said...

i got two names for you: Ling yao and father

Bud said...

Sweet. one of my favs.

ps. I r PwnZorS u NubX. hehehe

hi sean.

Anonymous said...

The new series, from what I've heard, will follow the manga and will air in April of 2009. This is a one year series.

What I am worried about is if they will keep the same voice actors/same animation drawings (or draw closely like the manga, which I love the Bones animation drawing much better than the manga IMO...).

wickedclown said...

Bud: Yep.

Anon: That sounds good then. I want to watch it in Japanese, so the voice actors/actresses won't be a problem, but inevitably I will watch it in English too.

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